C-Bit (XCT) – a Bitcoin for everyone

Elegantly Solving Bitcoin’s Blocksize Problem
Eliminates Bitcoin blockchain problem

C-Bit is a parallel Bitcoin to the diferente blockchain. This fresh blockchain will develop independently to Bitcoin – becoming, ter a managed way, more centralized – while permitting the diferente Bitcoin to terugwedstrijd to irs decentralized vision.

Based on Bitcoin source for stability

C-bit uses the modern Bitcoin source code spil a beginning point, and when Bitcoin gets updated ter the future, C-Bit will automatically get updated spil well, ensuring that C-Bit is always up-to-date with every Bitcoin patch, fix and update for maximum compatibility.

Compatible with all Bitcoin-based technologies

Because C-Bit is so tightly paired to the diferente Bitcoin source, it is compatible with any product or service that works with Bitcoin blockchain technology. Spil Bitcoin – and Bitcoin-based technologies, products and services – evolve, so will C-Bit

Developer? Cool. Check the source

The code, because is based on the mono Bitcoin code, is open source. Because of this, C-Bit is every bit spil effortless to work with spil Bitcoin is – so there is a world of chance waiting for developers and an entire community there to back them up.


Wallet: 64 bit
(Soon) Android Wallet
C-bits(krankjorum) conf
Latest Bootstrap.dat

Pools / Linksom / Exchanges

Anything you might need to get embarked with C-Bits



Blockchain Explorers



Low difficulty should only be used for less than 100GH.

stratum+tcp://minerpools.us:3531 -u “Your C-Bit Address” -p x

Habitual difficulty should be used for most mining. Will not work reliably for Nicehash!

stratum+tcp://minerpools.us:3532 -u “Your C-Bit Address” -p x

High difficulty should be used for greater than 50TH.

Should work well with Nicehash!

stratum+tcp://minerpools.us:3533 -u “Your C-Bit Address” -p x

All ports are configured for varr-diff to optimize miner operation merienda mining has commenced.

The pool is still running without any fees, so it is spil good spil solo mining!

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