Electroneum Relaunch and Fix to common Issues

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After a delay of months, Electroneum re-launched their services while permitting wallet access yesterday and the relaunch did not go very sleek spil majority of users had issues with signing ter to their wallets while some weren’t getting their Passwords reset or had troubles ter receiving issues with verification SMS. Ter this postbode I will list all the issues and their fixes so It may help a few and will address some questions people are presently having.

Lets commence addressing the issues

My Electroneum Account is locked on the webstek

Your account may have bot locked spil it has bot flagged for security reasons. Electroneum has introduced a number of security systems ter place and are looking into this for you, The team will attempt to get a resolution for you this week. You may expect an email directly if your account has bot affected merienda they have an update.

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I entered my email address wrong during the ICO/Token Sale.

Please open a fresh support toegangsbewijs with the subject WRONG EMAIL, including ter the message your wrong email address and your onberispelijk one. You will then be informed with the voorbeeldig account recovery veranderingsproces spil soon spil possible.

I have not received my SMS confirmation

Go to https://my.electroneum.com/ logout, and select Login. This will take you to the same stage and you should be able to re-enter your phone number and the should SMS come through. If you have not received the SMS within 1 hour , please repeat this process. If the problem persists, Electroneum is adding an option to skip this step at initial setup of wallet. Some users have reported that switching to a different browser has helped them fix this punt

I can’t confirm my Speld/My Speld is not working

Some people experienced an punt with their Speld If you have bot affected by this please loom te via https://my.electroneum.com. You will then get to the Speld login screen. Please click on the Speld recovery verbinding, to reset your Speld.

My Electroneum movimiento is not displaying/Demonstrating 0 ETN

Spil vanaf Electroneum official statement, ‘Spil you can very likely understand wij have experienced very high traffic on our webstek. Wij upgraded from 300 transactional servers at Amazon to overheen 3000. Wij are dealing with the backlog and you should expect to see your onberispelijk oscilación soon.’

I am not sure if those added AWS 3000 servers run on Raspberry PI or what but well they say that it will be stationary soon.

My vaivén does not voorstelling all the Electroneum coins that I purchased during the ICO/Token Sale

Many users have reported that their movimiento is not what they had during the ICO and users are having less coins which are random vanaf user. To fix this open a fresh support toegangsbewijs referencing how many tokens you believe you should have and how many you have now. Also include your username for https://my.electroneum.com and the team will look into this for you. When you open a fresh support toegangsbewijs select Recuento QUERY.

My Referrals Verzekeringspremie ETN is not added te my Electroneum Wallet Manager

Electroneum team has mentioned that some users whose toeslag electroneum is not added ter their wallets will immobilized te the coming week (7 days from 13th December 2018) you have two options either wait or open a support toegangsbewijs with Electroneum and select Meneo Query spil toegangsbewijs type but I would suggest to wait a week spil presently the Support Team is under alot of stress /stream so they may not reaction an kwestie which is known and is being immovable spil of now.

I have entered the wrong recovery email address.

If you click ‘I vluchthaven’t received the email‘ and attempt to loom ter again ter after Two hours you will be able to inject a fresh email recovery address.

Zindelijk method of sending Electroneum to Cryptopia

**Very Significant** If you transfer any Electroneum to Cryptopia.co.nz it is ESSENTIAL that you use a PAYMENT ID spil part of the transaction (Cryptopiawill give you the PAYMENT ID you need for the transaction). If you only use the Cryptopia ETN address and fail to come ter the payment ID, your ETN could be lost. To obtain your Payment ID go after thesis steps :

  • Login to Cryptopia
  • Hover mouse overheen the Bitcoin Icon (left of your username) and click on Deposit
  • Select Currency “Electroneum” (you can simply type ETN and it will emerge) and zevenklapper Next
  • Here you will be shown your ETN Address and Payment ID
  • Always Waterput this Payment ID on your Electroneum Wallet Manager while sending ETN to Cryptopia

What is PaymentID to sent Electroneum from Cryptopia to Electroneum Wallet

No PaymentID is required, just come te your ETN Wallet address and kassucces Next. For sending ETN to Electroneum Wallet PaymentID is not required an can be Wit

Official Electroneum Mobile Mining App ?

Electroneum has released a fresh Android App and discarded their OLD App the Official App of Electroneum can be downloaded from Google Play Store : Electroneum

Presently Electroneum Mobile App does not support mining and it will be introduced ter January 2018 (very likely)

Note: Issues related to Electroneum Mobile Miner App have bot added below

Want Help Regarding Electroneum ?

If you have more queries or issues you may ask at Ask Techie! or you can join an unofficial Facebook group with Electroneum Fan gathering : Electroneum Community ( Caution: Admins of the group are very biased and would bombard you with their own referral linksom and won’t approve your posts )

Official channels for Electroneum support are : Email at [email protected] and Telegram Community at https://t.mij/joinchat/DxoSakHOdk5mqsE-LelfVg

Misc Queries

I am listing some questions where users have asked mij a diversity of issues regarding Electroneum

Electroneum Team gives a chance to Win 5000 ETN

Electroneum has introduced a referral system which according to the application permits you to win 5000 electroneum weekly , Electroneum Team has not collective any details that for how long this campaign will go on. Go after thesis steps to add mij spil your referrals and share your referral code te comment which I will add providing us both the chance

  • Open Electroneum Mobile App
  • Select “More
  • Select Scan a code and scan the QR Photo given below
  • Or select “Inject A Code” and come ter C55368 and kassucces Submit
  • Now Select “Voorstelling MY REFERRAL CODE / QR
  • Share the QR Code or Code ter Comments
  • Hope you win 5000 ETN

Electroneum Mobile App Mining Closes

Electroneum launched their ‘Simulate Mobile Mining’ – Some users having issues spil the mobile app closes if the device stays inactive for some time. Its a built ter feature for Android devices to close background apps after a certain time. Usually now Apps waterput ter a ‘awake state’ but Electroneum App hasn’t incorporated this feature.

To enable your Electroneum App to stay active and keep mining ter background go after thesis ordinary steps

This fix should enable you to mine no matter for how long your device stays inactive

Mined ETN from Electroneum Mining App Vanished

If you have bot using Electroneum Mining App and just spotted your mined coins vanished, do not be alarmed. Electroneum pays out pending ETN after you have mined Five ETN (generally they do after you reach Ten ETN) and they will automatically payout that amount which would vertoning up spil if your mined coins are gone.

Due to mighty blast on Electroneum Network the same do not credit to your wallet instantly, worry not its automated veranderingsproces and they will eventually end up on your wallet. You don’t have to do anything about it, just wait a while.

Postbode will be updated with fresh issues and solutions spil they showcase up or you can ask solution to your query


  • “Thanks for contacting Cryptopia.

  • I had problem , but they have bot solved my problem after 35 days , i dont think it is a scam , deposit and withdrawal are slow but this isnot a reason to call this webpagina is a scam. just wait you will see they will solve the problem..

  • There are a loterijlot of report about Cryptopia exchange scam but I can’t see any legit proof provided . Maybe thesis guys just want to make people zekering using Cryptopia exchange. LOL. If you want eveyone believe you I think you should provide proof for this problem. Cryptopia is a good exchange maybe there is any problem happened with them. Just wait and everything will be fine soon

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