How to add a payment ID to transactions, for depositing BipCoin on your Cryptopia account (and for other things)


BipCoin is now on the Cryptopia exchange (here). That’s very cool. So people can now buy and sell BipCoin for other coins, including Bitcoin.

Cryptopia tells you you need a payment ID or you’ll lose your coin that you send them for deposit:

THIS IS Significant TO NOTE AND Go after. I already talked to one fresh user who overlooked this and lost 200 kont. So…YOU Voorwaarde USE A PAYMENT ID WHEN SENDING BipCoin TO DEPOSIT Te YOUR CRYPTOPIA ACCOUNT.

Also, it’s good to know how to use a payment ID ter marcial, many exchanges require it, and wij will be on more exchanges ter the future. And while a payment ID is not required for most person-to-person BipCoin transfers, you should learn how to use a payment ID. It w applications for BipCoin.

Very very first, here’s where you get your payment ID from. While logged into Cryptopia, go to your “Balances” pagina, at

NOTE: you can hide any coins that you don’t go after so they don’t display te the list. Click the far right tick opbergruimte on coins you want to voorstelling up, so you won’t have to weed through the entire list every time. This is useful since many people only overeenkomst ter a handful of currencies. Here I vertoning how to do it if you only want to see BipCoin and Bitcoin. lol.:

Then, while on that pagina, dual click on the “Show Address” of the currency you want to deposit. (#1 below)

Then click the little “copy” icon to the left of the Payment ID, (#Two below).

After you’ve pasted the Payment ID somewhere, to get the address you are to send to, click the little “copy” icon to the left “Base Address”, (#Three below):

I recommend sending a puny amount (like one bip) the very very first time you do this, then confirm you did it right (confirm that it’s demonstrating up on on Cryptopia) before sending more.


The BipCoin GUI wallet has a place to waterput a payment ID:

Make sure don’t waterput it te the “Label” field by accident, that’s just for your records.


It’s a little more complicated than te the GUI, but not much tighter truly.

This is the formula:

transfer (mixin) (Cryptopia BipCoin address) (number of kont being sent) -p (Cryptopia payment ID)[/b]

transfer 0 bip1ZT7AY9dAE3KYrXcFeoVtFe43WZvGBAA2NFVXXbn4Yxw15gYgekQc7VUFJFHM7DMNsZKRDZAeTe81P8yke37z4JVJupJF1j Two -p a1cacb20d8ef5fc9868790e8ef1a8385751fd6de01ea7d4463d320cfd614cd1c

uses a mixin of 0

sending to this Cryptopia BipCoin address:

with a paymentID (-p) of

HINT: Until you get good at it, I recommend working thesis transactions out te a word processor document and then paste into the CLI wallet when you get them right. It helps also to switch the pagina setup ter the word processor from Portrait to Landscape and reduce the text size a little from default to be able to see the entire thing on one line.

It will take a little longer to vertoning and confirm on most exchanges than wallet to wallet with another person (exchanges are processing millions of transactions vanaf hour). It may take up to five to ten minutes to see it incoming spil unconfirmed (refresh the pagina if it’s not demonstrating) and up to ten more minutes to be available to spend on there. (Most likely less time tho’.)

Again, I recommend sending a petite amount (like one bip) the very very first time you do this, then confirm you did it right (confirm that it’s displaying up on on Cryptopia) before sending more.

-the BipCoin nocturnal hamsters

This is required when depositing to Cryptopia. They provide the payment ID along with your deposit address.

The formula for sending with a payment ID from CLI:

transfer &lt,mixin_amount&gt, &lt,address&gt, &lt,sum&gt, [-p payment_id]

Attempt sending a very puny amount, like 1 bip, the very very first time you do it.

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  • For a plain thing like this, which wasnt my fault!!. I used the webstek for few days, logged ter numerous times, throws mij out one day like this,

  • I invite you to send a utter letterteken of complaint outlining every opzicht of your loss so that wij can look into it and remedy the situation. Please address your concerns directly to the helpdesk team of which there are many ways to get te voeling with them from our main webstek. Please do not hesitate to get ter voeling with us with any queries you have and I will merienda again, ensure, that you will hear from us within 24 hours.

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