How to Buy Electroneum on Cryptopia


December Ten, 2018

Electroneum is presently listed on the Cryptopia exchange. Learning how to buy ETN on Cryptopia is a little difficult for newcomers, but is not too difficult to understand.

This tutorial movie will walk you through the process. Scroll down for a written explanation.

Below is a list of steps to purchase Electroneum on Cryptopia. Note: You might want to use a laptop to finish thesis steps. Cryptopia does not work well on mobile devices.

How to Purchase Electroneum on Cryptopia:

  1. Visit Cryptopia and accomplish your details to register an account.
  2. Confirm your email address and login to your Cryptopia account.
  3. Click on the Wallets symbol te the top right next to your username (looks like a Bitcoin symbol) and select Deposit.
  4. Choose the cryptocurrency you would like to deposit – most most likely Bitcoin(BTC) – and click on Next.
  5. Cryptopia will now give you a wallet address and QR code to which you can send Bitcoin. You will need to purchase Bitcoin from an exchange that works te your country and transfer it to the address given ter Cryptopia. Some popular exchanges you might want to consider are Coinbase,, Bittrex, or Localbitcoins. Click Done when you the transfer is finish.
  6. Click on View Deposit History to view the progress of your transfer. Bitcoin blocks take on media Ten minutes to mine, so you should see your transaction on the list within Ten minutes. Cryptopia requires two blockchain confirmations before you can use the funds, so you will most likely need to wait 30 minutes before you can exchange the Bitcoins.
  7. Merienda the funds have cleared, click on Exchange te the top left corner and choose Markets.
  8. On the left panel, make sure BTC is selected at the top, and then come te ETN into the Search Markets opbergruimte. The list should narrow down to display only ETN. Click on the ETN listing to explosion the details on the right-hand panel.
  9. You will now see a graph of ETN’s spectacle overheen the past two days and two boxes below them labeled Buy ETN and Sell ETN.
  10. Te the Buy ETN opbergruimte, come ter the Price te Bitcoins that you would like to pay vanaf ETN. Significant: This price is te Bitcoins, not te USD!
  11. Then come ter the amount of ETN you would like to buy ter the Amount opbergruimte. You’ll see a breakdown of the toverfee and the total payable amount below that. Peak: You can have Cryptopia automatically calculate the maximum amount of ETN you can buy when you click on your available cuenta ter the top right-hand corner of the Buy ETN opbergruimte.
  12. Then click the Buy ETN button to submit the order.

The order will now join the order book and will be fulfilled merienda the current price reaches your specified price. You will get an on-screen notification merienda the order has bot fulfilled.

If you want to switch your purchase price, you can scroll down the pagina to the My Open Orders opbergruimte, click the crimson cross next to your order to visera it, and then repeat steps Ten to 12 above to submit a different order.

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