Oyster Pearl (PRL) Airdrop – How to Get Shell (SHL)

Update: Airdrop date moved to 13th April 2018 12 PM EST.

Update: Kucoin will support the airdrop.

Oyster Pearl, an ERC20 token, is going to airdrop Shell (SHL) to all the holders on 6th 13th April 2018. Shell will be airdropped at a ratio of 1:1 which means that for every Oyster Pearl that you hold during the snapshot time, you’ll get 1 Shell.

Te this postbode, I’ll be attempting to clear doubts that Oyster Pearl holders may have regarding the airdrop.

Snapshot Time

13th April 2018 at 12 PM EST.

Where to hold Pearl to receive Shell

You can hold Oyster Pearl te any Ethereum wallet that supports ERC20 tokens. MyEtherWallet.com would be the best choice. If MyEtherWallet doesn’t list Oyster Shell automatically then you’ll not be able to see it on the tokens list. To see the token, you’ll have to by arm come ter the Contract number, Decimals and token symbol te MyEtherWallet..

The most common question that Pearl holders have is if the exchanges like Cyrptopia and Kucoin will support the airdrop, i.e, will they get Shell for the Oyster Pearl stored ter the exchange wallet during the snapshot.

Kucoin Exchange Support

Oyster team has confirmed that Kucoin will support this airdrop. You can keep PRL tokens te your Kucoin wallet to receive SHL.

Spil of now, it’s not known whether Kucoin will support the airdrop or not. However, it’s most likely they will, because they have bot known to support all the airdrops and forks te the past.

Cryptopia Exchange Support

According to MrRedPanda (part of the Oyster team), Cryptopia will not support the airdrop. That means, you’ll not get any Shell (SHL) for the Oyster Pearls held te their exchange during the blockchain snapshot. Here’s the Telegram message from him:

What are the potential usage of Shell

The FAQ on Reddit reads

Shells(SHL) are used to pay for connectivity and Dapp operation across the Oyster meshnet, whilst Pearls are used for static gegevens retention on the tangle. Shell is not pegged to storage like how Pearl is. Te the future you will be able to use Shells to access the decentralized web, connectivity that entirely bypasses ISPs and centralized infrastructure.

You can buy Oyster Pearl on Kucoin and Cryptopia at this time. If you have any questions related to the airdrop, you can ask them on the Oyster subreddit.

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  • The webpagina is interesting but Binance is so much better.

  • If Cryptopia had bot hacked you would have heard about te the news, if wij had dishonest employees they would have bot dismissed and prosecuted and if wij had a technical problem you would have read about it on the main webpagina.

  • This posts should be at the service discussion I believe. Why do you think so that cryptopia is a scam? You should provide information about this and screenshot to make us believe ter your protestation.

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