Review and setup of Bitcoin Wallet Using BitPanda Exchange, BISS Research Ltd features a selection of bitcoin exchanges where you can buy and sell bitcoins (this pagina voorwaarde be making a fortune te affiliate marketing fees). presently feautures Bitpanda. BitPanda used to be called Coinimal has recently rebranded itself spil BITPANDA.

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*HINT* Click the UK flag ter the top right or you will have to buy your bitcoins te German.

bitpanda-home – *HINT – click the English Flag at the top

Clicking on get embarked takes mij to a registration pagina. So far so good, who knew buying bitcoins could be so ordinary, nice interface, effortless to navigate. The next step wasgoed to confirm my Email and choose a password.

Following this I wasgoed directed to the instrumentenbord. Here I could see my cálculo, wallet, history and other options. At this point it feels very much like Paypal.

My very very first instinct now is to buy, I am shown current bitcoin prices and trends. There is also an option to buy Etherium but one thing at a time.

After clicking buy I learn the Ondergrens spend 25 euros (?21) which buys a few thousand satoshis (100,000,000 Satoshi = 1Bitcoin). I clicked buy again and wasgoed taken to the verification screen.


Verification wasgoed a Three step comprehensive process and an unusual one if you have trust issues. The very very first step (Verification bronze) involves a two step phone verification process. I entered my phone number and then wasgoed sent a code which I entered to confirm.

The next (Verification Silver) Involved injecting individual and address details.

The third step of verification (verification gold) wasgoed a bit more ingewikkeld and required nerves of stengel. This step requires a live web talk with a stulp smeris where I wasgoed required to vertoning my passport and water bill. Spil a savvy internet user this instantaneously rang noodsignaal bells, spil a technical blogger I wasgoed coerced to proceed.

The situation got more concerning by the minute. For some reason the verification all of a unexpected turned German. I wasgoed coerced to proceed through a series of confirmation screens where my only clue wasgoed knowing that “ fortsetzen” means proceed te German (hint – right button is always proceed, left button is always go back). Through continuous pressing of the right button I wasgoed connected to an politieman.

The politieman wasgoed German but spoke volmaakt English, he guided mij through displaying off my private documents. I had to hold up my ID and letterteken to the screen while he recorded mij, confirming my details. The entire time I wasgoed assessing this man for signs of fraud but it wasgoed all very professional.

After the call I kassucces refresh on my screen and the account wasgoed verified. Feeling very proud for trusting a strange man on the internet.

I accessed my wallet and clicked on “buy” for the value of 25 euros worth of bitcoin.

The payment system wasgoed very standard, the exception being that the main payment details form wasgoed again te German. Fortunately German has some logic to it and I wasgoed able to pack te my details. (long number ter long opbergruimte, security number ter petite opbergruimte, telefoonklapper the right button to proceed).

Then success! I have bought bitcoin and am now the proud possessor of a Bitpanda account, a bitcoin wallet and 0.044 BTC.


I talked to strangers, took part ter a recorded display of my passport and individual details, packed out a form ter German and now own 0.044 of a Bitcoin. It wasgoed not effortless but now it is done I feel certain to become a regular bitcoin buyer and seller. Looking forward to making my very very first bitcoin purchase.

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  • I never said the account is locked, i reply again(with screenshot of my account), being days now nothing.

  • They have bot around for a long time so it’s not a scam. I have personally used them but just will attempt not to te the future. Too expensive and slow to resolve issues.

  • My transfer just took forever and my NEM got locked because of some punt with how NEM wasgoed being used on another exchange that got hacked. So I wasn’t able to get my NEM and now they are pretty much worthless.

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