You can deposit or withdraw only Bitcoin, which means that you can use Bitmex to add to your Bitcoin holdings by trading Bitcoins against other altcoins.

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Finding a broker for trading ter Bitcoin against fiat currencies can be effortless with numerous brokers suggesting the facility, but fewer platforms specialize te altcoin trading, and the features suggested differ te many ways.

Therefore, it is significant to choose a broker that can opoffering features that are critical for your trading strategy and needs. Major differences inbetween the brokers include the range of altcoins listed by them, whether they support fiat currency for buying altcoins, and if only deposits of Crypto/Bitcoin are supported.

Your search for cryptocurrency brokers should also concentrate on pairings with a range of cryptocurrencies speciaal from Bitcoin itself. Other factors that would influence your trading are the trading fees and whether you are also considering margin trading. On that note, here are some reliable cryptocurrency brokers.

BitMex Trades all major Altcoins, more leverage for BTC

Bitmex is recognized globally among well-known cryptocurrency brokers, and their trading volumes are high. You can only trade some of the major altcoins, albeit you can do so on leverage, making this a leading verhoging for margin traders. You can deposit or withdraw only Bitcoin, which means that you can use Bitmex to add to your Bitcoin holdings by trading Bitcoins against other altcoins. With this broker, you can expect up to 33.3% leverage, depending on the particular altcoin you are trading ter. ETC, ETH, XMR, DASH, LTC, ZEC and XRP are among the major altcoins traded on this verhoging.

An initial account can be began with just your name and a valid email address. No other ID verification is needed. Bitmex has also liked top-level security with no hacks reported so far, at least spil of the time of this writing. This toneelpodium charges a 0.2% trading toverfee.

HitBTC Large volume of Altcoins, supports EUR, USD

HitBTC is among the handful of cryptocurrency brokers that list a broad array of altcoins, which also demonstrates their level of specialization te the field. More importantly, HitBTC supports fiat currencies like USD and EUR. Most other brokers support deposit/withdrawal via cryptocurrencies only. Further, you can also withdraw or deposit any of the supported altcoins and not just Bitcoins, unlike Bitmex. Another interesting feature with this broker is the demo mode, which is good when you are a beginner. However, margin trading is not available on the demo mode.

The trading toverfee is 0.2%, and ID verification is essential only when you need to deposit or withdraw fiat currencies. The security is excellent, and no hacks have bot reported so far, spil of the time of this writing.

Cryptopia Broad range of Altcoins, supports only transfer of Cryptos

Cryptopia is reckoned spil a giant among cryptocurrency brokers, particularly when wij consider the extensive range of altcoins, including some unknown coins with negligible market caps. Thus, if you concentrate on what some call sh*tcoin trading,” this is a good place for you. You can withdraw or deposit all altcoins that are listed on the webpagina. Fiat currencies like USD/EUR are not supported, tho’ you can use USDT instead of USD. What sets this broker speciaal is the fact that overheen 800 Altcoins can be traded here.

This broker charges a 0.2% toverfee, and no leverage is suggested. Security is considered good, however no details are available from the webpagina.

Bittrex Broad range of Altcoins, permits only cryptotransfers

Bittrex lists a broad range of altcoins te the middle and high range with regard to popularity and market cap. Fiat currencies/USD are not supported, tho’ you can trade against all major altcoins using USDT. To start trading with Bittrex, you vereiste own Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Withdrawals and deposits are permitted with all listed coins. This broker does not support margin trading. This toneelpodium does not suggest any leverage and charges a trading toverfee of 0.2%. Basic accounts do not need any ID verification, tho’ you can have only limited withdrawals from basic accounts.

No demo mode is suggested, and security is considered top notch with no hacks reported so far spil of this writing.

Poloniex offers trading on a broad array of altcoins, but leverage is available only against some of them. Transfers are through cryptocurrencies only. While Poloniex offers an outstanding range of altcoins and leverage on many of them, it does not support fiat currencies at all. However, you can trade most altcoins using USDT. The webpagina offers very basic order types with zekering loss function.

The leverage suggested for many altcoins is Two.5x, but you vereiste check if your coin is eligible. The trading toverfee ranges inbetween 0.15% and 0.25%. ID verification is not mandatory unless you need large withdrawal boundaries. No demo mode is suggested, and security is considered excellent, however the webpagina experienced a puny hack te 2014.

Yobit supports USD and a broad array of altcoins.

Yobit is reckoned spil a trading giant among cryptocurrency brokers, particularly with regard to low and middle market cap altcoins, and it can te some ways be compared to Cryptopia. If you are te search of specific altcoins with low caps, it is more likely that you will find them here. Yobit does not suggest any leverage, and you have just the basic order types. There is no zekering loss against your order, and it is only limit sell/buy. However, this is an excellent way for beginners to get acquainted with trading ter cryptocurrencies. Besides BTC, you can trade several altcoins against DOGE, ETH, and even Swings.

The trading toverfee is charged at 0.2%, and fiat currencies like USD and RUR are supported. No ID verification is needed, and the security is considered excellent, with no hacks having bot reported spil of the time of this writing.

Whaleclub offers leverage of up to 5x with a broad range of Altcoins, but only DASH/BTC are acceptable modes for transfers.

Whaleclub is a good place if you are looking to trade te a limited range of Altcoins on margin. Dash, Monero, Litecoin, Ethereum are among the altcoins included. However, this is not a specialized toneel. The webpagina permits withdrawals/deposits using DASH or BTC and does not support fiat currencies. Your trading margins should therefore be converted to BTC before you can encash the profits. However, USD can be used for trading ETH/LTC.

Whaleclub is also a broker for many other asset classes like stocks, commodities, forex, bonds and indices. You can trade all thesis assets using DASH/BTC deposits.

Generally speaking, you can access all the above cryptocurrency brokers from almost anywhere ter the world, especially those with basic accounts which do not call for ID verification. But if trading ter cryptocurrencies is banned ter your country, you can use a VPN service like IPvanish, Express VPN, etc. to bypass thesis confinements and access cryptocurrency brokers. *However, ValueWalk does not advocate for strategies that involve violating laws.


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