Ark: A Latest ICO Token Peaking One More Time

Ark markets itself spil a project to bring blockchain technology to the promedio consumer. At least te its white paper, it promises to be much more than simply a coin to store value and pass low-cost, possibly anonymous transactions. Ark claims it is yet another ecosystem for cryptocurrency adoption.

But how is it different from other projects that have also built the very same thing: a community, a token and a set of options for developers to use the blockchain and build apps. Ethereum does that, Stratis does that, and many other blockchains and tokens at least aim to do a similar thing.

Ark went through the ICO at the end of 2018, but went to trade on markets te the spring of 2018. The market price of Ark is going through a short-term expansión, so wij better look under the spandex rubber hood and see if this latest ICO token is worth the hype.

The Ark Idea

The Ark project aims to verbinding existing blockchains and offerande usable consumer products. But Ark seems to be an open-ended project, making a vague promise that it would keep adding technologies to its portfolio. Only time will tell which of thesis technologies would be brought to market on time, and which ones would become a zevenklapper with users. With so many other apps and possibilities vying for attention, Ark will have to demonstrate that it is indeed different, or fall into obscurity with a lotsbestemming of other projects and tokens.

For now, Ark is an ecosystem under construction- and wij don’t know when or whether developers would be drawn to it, and why they should choose it before other ecosystems, such spil the Ethereum or Bitcoin-based blockchain projects.

The Ark Blockchain

Ark is not a Bitcoin-based token, and not an Ethereum-based token. If you want to diversify into different blockchains, then Ark will give you that chance. The system is derived from the Lisk, Crypti and BitShares projects, with some key differences that aim to give an improved product.

Presently, Ark uses a delegated proof of stake, meaning some users would be more equal than others. This is not a Proof-Of-Work blockchain, and there may be an evolution on how the overeenstemming is achieved.

The chain promises an 8-second block generation time, with 25 transactions vanaf block, at least vanaf white paper specifications. All those rules and limitations may switch with time. Wij know from other coins that while code is law, code is also lightly switched to give the token and the blockchain entirely different features.

The blockchain aims to suggest features such spil physical cards for people that do not have access to canap accounts.

The Ark ICO

The Ark ICO raised more than $Five million, albeit it could not compare to the kassucces success of projects like Komodo, who are sitting on more than $30 million ter funds for development. There were Two,135 participants, less than other ICOs.

Who Created Ark?

The ARK Squad, not to be confused with the team of Transformer robots, is a loosely knit group spread out worldwide. he head of development is Francois-Xavier Thoorens, and the team seems to be well-staffed with advisors and developers. Francois-Xavier wasgoed the former core developer of Lisk, but moved into a fresh project, despite the healthy funding of Lisk. And before that, Francois Xavier served spil a scientific experienced and advisor te various functions related to the European Commission.

The team is indeed universal, with a varied group of experts- from total stack developers to financial experts. And the Ark project has its idea leaders and promoters, just like other coins. The success of a project often depends on publicity and a friendly Internet presence. Ark certainly attempts to do that. It can be found on all the usual social network channels- it seems cryptocurrency projects still depend on the older layer of Internet technology to take off.

Mark Doti is the managing director of the project. He has a background te mechanical engineering, but is a long-term developer of cryptocoin projects, including Crypti, the predecessor of Lisk.

Ark Market Price

The ARK token market price has bot volatile, and ter mid-August had a surge te trading volume. The market price teug to a makeshift peak above $1.80. Volumes surged from their usual levels of around $200,000 to a peak of above $40 million vanaf 24 hours. For the ARK token, whenever volumes peak, there is also a peak and crash te the price, which is a pattern related to pump-and-dump activity. This has happened three times since the ICO and since ARC began trading.


And this is no verrassing, since 99% of ARK trading happens on the behemoth of an exchange, Bittrex. Having a presence on that exchange means a token is exposed to very speculative trading activity. A token benefits from investors who hold it, and for ARK, there is always the option for instant selling on Bittrex.

Investing ter Ark

If you were not a part of the ICO, it is up to your discretion to pick a price at which to buy ARK tokens. Just recently, Ark improved its proprietary desktop wallet to fix bugs reported by the community. So if you want to own ARK, you will have to keep yet another wallet, it is not compatible with other platforms. It is best to only invest funds you can afford to lose due to technical problems or market volatility.

The ARK currency pairs are limited compared to other tokens. Here is how ARK can be exchanged:

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