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CrypDates is a voorwaarde have mobile app, when it comes to Trading Cryptocurrencies. Crypdates gives you latest Cryptocurrency News and helps you track your favourite Bitcoin Price Live with ease. It helps you make brainy decisions ter trading your beloved currencies at the right exchange, at right time, at your price. Never miss your price again and zekering the disappointments of not trading at the right time. CrypDates makes it effortless to keep a tabulator on your entire portfolio across numerous currencies and exchanges by bringing all the gegevens te one place. CrypDates connects you with more than 120+ top Cryptocurrency Exchanges and gives you options of 1000+ Cryptocurrency Prices to compare. Live currency gegevens is updated every 30 seconds which means now you can see your favourite Bitcoin Price Live wihout any delay. Top currencies like Bitcoin, Etherum, Ripple, Dash, NEM, Litecoin are all integrated into a single effortless to use application within CrypDates.

Fresh to CryptoCurrencies

You can view cryptocurrency prices live and set instant price alerts for the same.

App brings gegevens from all the major cryptocurrency exchanges.

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Set notifications for a trading pair across all exchanges. Set notifications on a specific trading pair – exchange combination. eg – BTC to INR, ETH to USD price conversions.

Get list of trading pairs for exchanges to get live gegevens and definitivo time graph.

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View statistical analysis to project your investments.

Set favorites to keep track of your exchanges and currencies.

Get quick updates of all the currencies at all the exchanges ter one app.

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  • I am using cryptopia from long time even I bought ten from this time till a date I dint face any kwestie ter cryptopia . Even some coins like ACC also could able to transfer to cryptopia. It’s better you provide some proof .

  • I generally attempt and find time to read spil many of the forums, Facebook pages and group pages they can and will directly address whenever there is an chance a concern.

  • I’ve had a look at your account and it hasn’t bot locked lately. If you’re referring to a different account, please let mij know the account you’re referring to and I’ll be glad to have a look for you.

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