Fluid, Crypto Rules Everything Around Mij

‘Fluid’ is a strategic, creative Cryptocurrency project with strong team behind which will make Juices the world’s most desirable coin.


Fluid crowdsale is initiated by Fluid team, to ensure funds for developing projects stated ter Fluid whitepaper. Juice Crowdsale is hosted by Juices team on Juice webstek te the time framework of 30 days, beggining on June 1st 00:00h GMT, until July 1st at 00:00h GMT. Total 30.000.000 (Thirty millions) coins will be distributed to the investors by Juices crowdsale with initial price of 0.00000200 BTC te the very very first part where 15.000.000 CRM will be distributed, and 0.00000300 BTC vanaf CRM where another 15.000.000 CRM will be distributed te the 2nd part of the crowdsale. Funds will be collected on Juices webstek using payment processor of www.coinpayments.netwerken which will generate invoice for every single investment. Every potential investor needs to fullfill the form on that invoice, which will not require registration, or contain any private information. Investor voorwaarde provide just onberispelijk email address which is essential for invoice delivery, coin distribution information, and future voeling.

Another way that Juices team have chosen to distribute the surplus 70% of Juice coins is mining which will embark te the next 24h after crowdsale completes.

Juices team will ensure Juice coins to be traded on most famous cryptocurrency exchanges te the world. To protect our believers and investors Juices team has determined to provide a BUYWALL of initial crowdsale price during the very very first week after CRM is listed on it’s very very first exchange.

  • Name: Fluid
  • Ticker: CRM
  • Poco X11
  • Block time: 240 sec
  • Block size 4MB
  • Mined coins mature te 100 blocks
  • Tx confirmation Five blocks
  • RPC Port: 45077
  • Port: 45066
  • Tor
  • Darksend
  • Encrypted Messaging
  • Masternode
  • block # 2-50 – 100 CRM
  • block # 51-2000 – 4000 CRM
  • block # 2001-4000 – 3000 CRM
  • block # 4001-6000 – 2000 CRM
  • block # 6001-8000 – 1000 CRM
  • block # 8001-16000 – 500 CRM
  • block # 16001-32000 – 100 CRM
  • block # 32001-64000 – 50 CRM
  • block # 64001-128000 – Ten CRM
  • block # 128001-10000000 – 1 CRM
  • Ondergrens stake age 36h
  • No Maximum PoS age
  • block 1 to 32000 – 20
  • block 32001 – Two
  • 95% of prize goes to Masternode
  • Masternode cost: 100000 CRM

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