How to use Electroneum CLI Desktop Wallet, mCoins

Electroneum offers a paper, web and CLI wallet. The CLI wallet is the one used te the guideline line on your PC. There are presently versions for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Wij will describe both Windows and Linux (macOs will be finta similar).

Very very first download Wallet

Download the current version of the wallet here. Download version for Win x64 – Always take official sources. For Linux, download For macOS

After downloading the verstopping, uittreksel it, it is up to you to which directory.

Before you run a wallet at all, it is very very first necessary to synchronize the state of blocks te the blockchain.

Start by simply double-clicking the electroneumd.exe verstopping on Windows.

This open terminal window and you something like this:

At Linux, open the terminal very very first if you are not there and run the electroneumd verstopping and run:

Synchronization should commence.. If you do not, check your firewall or temporarily turn off. If this does not work, you need to find out if there is a problem somewhere on your network – the firewall on the router or the provider.

Unluckily, synchronization may take several hours (last time it took mij all night). While wij proceed on with the wallet, but until the synchronization is finish, the wallet will not be up to date and can vertoning the old gegevens – meaning you even senseless value. Therefore, do not fright until the synchronization stops.

At last open Wallet

Now wij open the wallet. For Windows, open the Terminal Window (CMD). Ter Windows, click Embark and start writing cmd – something like this will emerge (wij have Windows ter Czech):

Te the window, budge to the folder where you have a wallet, for example:

On Linux do this too.

Now there are two options – either you have a paper wallet and want to see its content – just make a paper wallet desktop wallet or want to create a fresh one. Let’s commence with the very very first option. So you have Paper wallet and wij can generate this wallet on our PC:

electroneum-wallet-cli.exe –generate-from-keys wallet.etn

electroneum-wallet-cli –generate-from-keys wallet.etn

This directive will trigger a wallet with a parameter that says wij have keys, and based on thesis keys wij generate a wallet – the wallet.etn verkeersopstopping.

Go after the instructions.

  • Standard address – your wallet address
  • Secret spend key – spend the key from your paper wallet
  • Secret view key – view private key from paper wallet
  • Inject fresh wallet password – set your wallet password (I do not recommend that you set the same password witch you have on Electroneum webstek or Cryptopia webstek)
  • Confirm your password
  • Finish

Perhaps your wallet will say that it is not up to date. Spil soon spil block synchronization reaches you, everything will be fine.

Backup wallet

You can back up te different ways. I’ll mention a quick one – just copy two files – a verkeersopstopping ending with the .etn (your wallet) ending and the verkeersopstopping ending with the key terminals.

Basic directives ter wallets

recuento – shows the movimiento

showcase transfers – voorstelling transactions – their history

Sending ETN elsewhere – the version to send ETN to Cryptopia


Number 100 indicates the number of coins here.

Shipment to a standard wallet (not Cryptopia)

transfer etnjzADDRESSOTHERWALLET 100

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I hope that this article helped you to waterput Electroneum Desktop Wallet into operation, whether on Windows or Linux.

If you want to rate the article, you can send us the ETN coins to the following address:

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