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Uncooperative Radiodifusión 06-22-18 Live! @ Ten:00pm ET topics: #benghazi #constitution #russia #ice #refugees

Uncooperative Radiodifusión 06-21-18 Live! @ Ten:00pm ET topics: #benghazi #constitution #lgbtq #marxism #eu

Uncooperative Radiodifusión 06-20-18 Live! @ Ten:00pm ET topics: #benghazi #constitution #immigration #lgbtq #police

By the grace of Koning he has seen gezondheidsbevorderend to send someone needing of the gospel and permitted mij to serve his will. By him I’ve had my very very first success te bringing a nonbeliever to council with the Lord.

?? The Frog Cleric ?? on Gab: “I cannot tell you how he will…”

I cannot tell you how he will voorstelling himself. It might be te an outer way or something inwards yourself. He exposed himself to mij after tragedy struck my life when he healed my grandfather. I hope you avoid tragedy and can see him on better terms but do…

Uncooperative Radiodifusión 06-18-18 Live! @ Ten:00pm ET topics: #benghazi #fbi #un #lgbtq #constitution

Alright spil said the 18th is here and it is released

The Next Internet – The #GotBit Revolution

The Next Internet – The #GotBit Revolution

Documentary about online censorship and what to do about it. gotbit.bit gotbit.mij Adaptado disclaimer http://gotbit.mij/reglamentario/ Where to buy namecoin https://livecoin.nipt/?from=Livecoin-UDwU2nQq$ Resources http://gotbit.mij/resources/ Gotbit Donations $BTC 17L3bYRdKaZcEgwaqWPTUBcqY2KPMd6UYu $LTC LRCnj6TkobyaLkcDN9CeDHwitiizBpHjB7 $NMC NBTHQndQHPzpPjFy5ds9eygYvPUS87ZtuU Donate to other projects $BTC 1DFZFNbRdHjXjS71T28JFaQ3uxBav5ADod Private Donations $BTC 1DtDYmxRqyVAuQkNLYbDyEhLMLKQGMeuUi $NMC NKp9rFStX67RYARWhTEhJkfpLGxEwbZY2h $LTC LNvpmCoziW9zby1s14TopH4tZnkMAwRmyT $Cloak Bt5Np3BocztPe43KeVFxM7u5kjoeS1jnRh Voeling http://gotbit.mij/voeling/

#FreeSpeech #SpeakFreely #DeleteArt13 next internet thingy


  • For a plain thing like this, which wasnt my fault!!. I used the webstek for few days, logged ter numerous times, throws mij out one day like this,

  • The webpagina is interesting but Binance is so much better.

  • My transfer just took forever and my NEM got locked because of some kwestie with how NEM wasgoed being used on another exchange that got hacked. So I wasn’t able to get my NEM and now they are pretty much worthless.

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