Recently, wij introduced a fresh parameter: Spammy linksom .

Free Sites Analysis Service

The team has developed a giant amount of SEO services and devices to help webmasters and optimizers to manage and develop their sites. The most significant is our SEO Audit Service.

To receive your free SEO analysis, come ter a webpagina address te the form above and click “Analyze”. After 10-30 seconds you’ll receive a detailed report of the studied webstek.

What does the SEO Audit Service provide? What gegevens is provided? What will you build up? And how much does it cost?

The SEO audit costs nothing. Before turning to other answers, please take a look at the slide showcase displaying the result of the service work (click the picture below).

SEO analysis service checks for and provides a big amount of gegevens and characteristics of the webpagina, overheen a hundred graphs, spil well spil several hundred different parameters, some of which include:

Back linksom ter various search engines and monitoring services, indexed pages, webpagina speed and whois history, registration date and voeling details, keywords density and geographic location, directory presence, security, presence of competitors, traffic and SE positions, and hundreds of other significant characteristics.

SEO audit contraption can detect webpagina content management system and scripts, used by the pagina.

Service can disclose about 60 CMSes and more than 100 different scripts. If a content management system has bot detected, its name linksom to this CMS Top sites.

Recently, wij introduced a fresh parameter: Spammy linksom.

Spammy hacedor is based on gegevens from Solomono (indexed pages, domain acceptors), our TrustRank and several refinement coefficients. Please note that the gegevens from Solomono is not always accurate, so this option is recommended only spil an evaluation, not spil the ultimate truth.

Here’s our classification, depending on the percentage:

I would like to draw your attention to the detailed analysis of all possible ratings. Te addition to the caudillo ratings, you’ll receive special gegevens developed by our team.

– Estimated webpagina value

– Yandex CY and Rang

Meaning of estimated value of the webpagina:

SEO audit service considers only the current characteristics of the resource. It does not consider effort (financial and íntegro) expended, personnel, budget, offices and other positivo estate, stock market activity (e.g. for Google and Yahoo), the subject of the webpagina or your private capacity, etc.

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Only current, at the ogenblik, webpagina characteristics.

For each rating, wij have developed widgets that you can place on your webpagina. Spil an example, below are informers for the current webpagina:

You can get informers either on the audit pagina or on the special widgets pagina, where you can choose buttons from almost a hundred options.

Widgets are updated automatically each time you do the audit of the webpagina. You therefore don’t need to switch any button code placed on your webstek. Button addresses remain the same, but their values are updated automatically.

Also note: for each webpagina analyzed, there’s a separate pagina with a unique address. Therefore, ter order to obtain a report of an already-checked webpagina, you don’t need to analyze it again. It’s enough to just visit a particular SEO audit address. On the analysis pagina, there are linksom to audit, te different formats.

Based on the generated audits, wij developed various ratings and TOPs. Here are some of them:

Fresh sites, TOP by webpagina value, TOP by TrustRank, Top by Definitivo PageRank and so on. According to thesis ratings you can see which sites have the advantage.

You can save the audit report spil a PDF verkeersopstopping, to provide to customers (or superiors), or for more detailed examine offline. There is a “Save spil PDF” listig at the end of the audit pagina.

It’s recommended that you read cautiously the SEO audit service presentation. There’s detailed description of all features generated by the service and you will also find out all nuances of the audit work.

Below, you can see dozens of other SEO services developed by our team. You can also access thesis instruments via the lower-right spijskaart of the webstek.

Content SEO instruments

Keyword Density Checker

Keyword Density Analyzer is helpful for serving webmasters and SEOs reach their best possible keyword density for a set of key conditions.

Pagina Comparison

Webpagina Comparison Contraption compares keywords, linksom, texts, Meta etc. and the most frequent two and three word phrases inbetween two pages.

Similar Text Finder

Duplicate Content Checker is very useful device to find out the similar text. Similar Text Finder will determine the precise percentage of resemblance inbetween any two texts.

Duplicate Pagina Finder

Similar Pagina Checker can help you determine the precise percentage of resemblance inbetween any two web pages.

Search Engine Spider Imitator

SE Spider Simulator imitates a search engine by displaying the contents of a webpagina te accurately the way the search engine spider would see it.

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Webstek Rank Checkers

PageRank Prediction

This Google Pagerank prediction service will predict your webstek’s future Pagina Rank based on the quality and quantity of backlinks.

Fake PageRank Checker

Pagerank Fraud device can verify if a webpagina has a valid or fake Google Pagina Rank.

TrustRank Checker

Trust rank checker is a free websitebeheerder service for checking a webpagina trustrank. It shows the voorbeeldig TrustRank (sm) of your webstek.

Alexa Rank Checker

Alexa Rank Checker is one of the most accurate SEO services to find out how well your webpagina ranks up against millions of other sites on the Web.

Google – Alexa Rank Checker

Check current Google PageRank and Alexa Rank for a webpagina.

Listig Analysis Instruments

Backlinks Checker

Backlink Checker finds inbound linksom that point to your webpagina. Back Verbinding analyzer checks inlinks of any webstek.

Linksom Value Zakjapanner

Listig Price Zakjapanner will calculate a (fairly) precise amount of money you should be paying for buying a web listig or you could ask for selling it.

Backlinks Builder

Backlink builder uses search engines to get associated web sites for building linksom during a SEO (search engine optimization) campaign.

Backlink Anchor Text Checker

Backlink Anchor Text Analyzer is superb to quickly eye-ball or research what keywords are being used ter a web webpagina back listig anchor text.

Reciprocal Verbinding Checker

Reciprocal Verbinding Checker helps you make sure that your listig vrouwen are linking back to your webpagina. It determines the anchor text used by your listig vrouwen.

Webpagina Analysis SEO Contraptions

Domain Stats Checker

Domain Stats Checker collects search engine related information about your and your competitors domains.

Domain Age Checker

Domain Age Checker displays approximate age of a webstek and permits you to examine, how the webstek looked, when it very very first began.

Webstek Speed Tester

Ping domain tester displays details, that includes the time it takes to get a control packet from the remote host.

URL Redirect Checker

URL Redirect Checker helps you verify if the redirect you have created is Search Engine Friendly.

Google Banned Checker

Google banned checker will examine your domain with Google search to detect if the webpagina is banned by Google.

Whois and IP Implements

Geolocation Contraption

IP Address Geolocation device helps you to identify user’s geographical location (city, country, region) using ip address lookup database.

HTTP Header Viewer

HTTP Headers Viewer requests entered URL, retrieves HTTP response headers and checks HTTP status codes.

Online Port Scanner

Firewall Checker determines upbeat services on the host using TCP/UDP port interrogations. Port Scanner will check which TCP or UDP ports are listening.

WHOIS Lookup

WHOIS lookup will give you finish verwittiging on any registered domain name. Search for a domain name anywhere te the world to see the availability for registration.

Whois – Domain Name Checker

By making a WHOIS search you can find out when and by whom a domain wasgoed registered, voeling information, possessor email and more.

Miscellaneous SEO Contraptions

Yandex – Rambler Rank Checker

It seems like the Russian search spiders are doing the contrary of what Google does. Check Yandex and Rambler rank.

Browser Details

Browser Details implement displays many significant user details and details of your browser. For example: ip address, Geolocation, country etc.

Email Photo Creator

Email Pic Generator converts a text-based e-mail address and creates a picture that can be placed on a web pagina.


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