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It seems that there is a broad diversity of crypto exchanges on the toneel now, and increasingly thesis exchanges are suggesting users the chance to become investors. If you don’t know why you should invest te a crypto exchange, maybe you need reminding that exchanges are at the forefront of this massive fresh investment/speculation voertuig. Taking profit on every investment or trade wij place. Some exchanges are treating hundreds of millions of USD a day and wij have the chance spil investors to capture some of that.

Exchanges, The best crypto investments of 2018?

COSS.IO (The Crypto One Zekering Solution)

COSS is my number one pick, it has to be the single most generous dividend paying exchange investment to date. Investing te COSS has historically bot about observing the potential of the project, past the mountains of coordinated FUD that surrounded it. The COSS token offers us a cut ter the exchange revenue, 50% to be precise, forever. It’s approaching the end of it’s long beta run. I would guess that by Q2 2018 it will be a much more finish product. Spil it stands, all of the trading volume is organic and human. Merienda they release their API, bots will be trading and volume will 10x lightly, meaning more revenue for every COSS token held. Very arousing times ahead for COSS. I bought COSS at and media of $0.Ten, it recently telefoonklapper an all time high just under $Trio, before the January crash of which I am certain it will surpass again. Fiat pairs will also be coming to this exchange spil it works toward accomplish compliance with the Singapore government, this is something that not many current exchanges suggest and it will drastically increase the price of each token.

  • Traders get a toverfee reduction that increases with volume. Large volume traders (whales) get the lowest fees on the market (0.04%).
  • The COSS token strafgevangenis the toverfee share are considered securities.
  • The toverfee share comes from all revenues, not just the exchange.
  • The community support that surrounds the project.
  • The team showcasing integrity te the face of peligroso mistakes (limit to market).

Useful linksom for you to find out more:

BLOCKPORT.IO* (Elementary Crypto For The Masses)

Blockport* is a fresh entry, with a token sale prompt approaching. It presently offers the easiest bounty system I have everzwijn taken part ter, which shows up to be the motto of the entire project, keep it elementary, bring crypto to the mainstream. This is actually what I attempted to woo COSS developers to do on slack ter the early days. Alas, they were under pressure from existing traders to develop their ‘advanced’ trading service and this is the direction they have focused on very very first. I am a strong believer that if an exchange is going to succeed it needs to challenge with Coinbase on the vuurlijn of simpleness and offerande a accomplish, user-friendly service. This looks very promising for that purpose. If COSS looked this polished before ICO I would have had no hesitations investing powerfully, I am very excited about this exchange. The downside is that Blockport doesn’t suggest a toverfee split allocation like COSS does. But it’s token is used ter a similar way to Binance (listed below), the most popular exchange with a native token associated with it. Both Blockport and Binance use their tokens to reduce trading fees, however Blockport’s token will have an toegevoegd use, you can pay with it to go after the trades of professional traders. You can set how much of your portfolio with go after each person. Or if you are a good trader yourself, you can be paid ter their token to perform trades.

Useful linksom for you to find out more:

Blockport bounty* edit: please note that the community bounty is now closed – no more bounty points will be awarded. I urge you however, to get yourself whitelisted for the token sale coming soon!

*Thesis linksom contains my Blockport referral code, to help Blockport identify my involvement with their bounty program (which has now ended). The is a free blog that doesn’t otherwise pay mij to review thesis projects. I still suggest my referral listig for you to find the project but no more bounty points will be issued to myself of anyone that clicks.

What exchanges should I be wary of?

disclaimer, this is ter regards to investing ter the exchange, not its usability. The exchanges listed below are welvoeglijk enough to trade on.


I don’t mean that you shouldn’t use cryptopia but I do mean that you should be cautious of anyone recommending that you buy its DOT coin. DOT may or may not turn out to be a good speculative investment, I am not claiming that is has no value, however, it does have very little utility spil an investment te an exchange. DOT has bot used to get coins listed on the exchange and to buy very petite currencies, ones which are so cheap that it didn’t make sense to use traditional crypto pairs. Ter an investment enviroment, already saturated with speculation and hope, DOT is too speculative for mij even remotely recommend anyone look at.

CEFS are cryptopia’s version of a toverfee split similar to COSS. Please be aware of that.


Kucoin is a welgevoeglijk enough exchange and embarked off, ter the eyes of some, spil a good investment compared to COSS. It took off swift, predominated the social media world and wasgoed one of the very very first exchanges that I am aware of to offerande NEO pairs and it even pays GAS for any NEO held (which scores it hefty verzekeringspremie points). Even more impressively, holding KCS on the exchange paid out dividends DAILY, compared to COSS doing so weekly. The only downside with KCS wasgoed that it had never mentioned the profit share percentages lasting forever and infact, has recently dropped the toverfee share from 50% to 15%. Something else Kucoin did that I took spil a crimson flag early on… forcing 2FA on all users and stopping earning until they logged ter and activated it. Doesn’t sound too bad does it? Well no one wasgoed told, many logged ter a month or so zometeen to find they hadn’t bot getting their fees. On the plus side, the value of the coin teug up, even if it did druppel again after news of the toverfee split fading te strength.

A more latest note of caution for Kucoin investors comes from the news that they are removing their referral system without prior notice. This is a deviation from their whitepaper and has resulted te a diminished confidence te the projects integrity.

The most successful exchange coin to date, doesn’t pay any zuigeling of dividends for holding.


Is it truly significant that an exchange pay you dividends te order to make a good comeback? The Binance token, BNB, offers no such dividend yet the exchange is the most popular among traders at the time of writing and BNB is the higest ranking ERC (ether) token, not bad for a modest exchange token with a relatively puny function and no dividend options. Whats more is that the BNB token is still steadily enlargening ter value. Its success, I believe is because Binance has focused on being a excellent exchange, very very first and foremost. It is through analyzing the strength of an exchange like this that I see the potential for the fresh Blockport* token to increase te a very similar manner to this one. Blockport will be excellent for bringing ter fresh investors to the toneel and Binance does an excellent job of servicing the more experienced traders. BNB being a high volume trading pair with the largest exchange behind it makes it arguably the ‘safest’ exchange coin to invest te, even however it’s already grown considerably, there is still slagroom to grow. BNB is also the highest ranked ECR (ether) token.

This article has bot written from my own practices, views and research and has bot verified with other investors and edited where needed. If you spot anything that you disagree with or hold opposing evidence, please get ter touch!


  • Never had a problem with them personally.

  • I am the CEO of Cryptopia. I can tell you unequivocally that Cryptopia has never stolen anyone’s money. Wij react to every email and wij have a brand-new very comprehensive support ticketing system that sees every single inbound enquiry, complaint or punt and they’re all dealt with within 24 hours.

  • Wij have a support team ter Fresh Zealand at our head office and wij have another support team te the UK so that wij can formador our request 24 7 to make sure there are no delays.

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