Bittrex and Poloneix were my dearest exchanges but no fresh coins got listed on them frequently so I shifted to Binance exchange, Join Binance with our Referral Id here .

Kucoin is a fresh emerging cryptocurrency exchange which wasgoed launched on September 2018 and is gaining a who,e lotsbestemming of attention. Ter a schrijven span of Five months they have achieved so many milestones which are almost unlikely for any fresh cryptocurrecny exchange. Kucoin comes up with an Invitation Program ter which you will earn 20% of trading fees of your rechtstreeks referral. Join using our Kucoin Referral Code and start trading on Kucoin.

Some months ago very very first NEO ICO, RPX token got listed on Kucoin and to trade RPX I registered on Kucoin exchange. They have their own token KCS, Kucoin shares. At that time Kucoin wasgoed providing free Five KCS to fresh users and for each referral they were providing Ten KCS. KCS token value wasgoed around $0.Five at that time but now 1 KCS = $20. So if you would have registered at that time and were still holding KCS then you would have earned $100 for free. I am glad that I vluchthaven’t sold my free KCS back then and I am still holding them. I think price will increase even more.

Major Cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Bittrex, Cryptopia have stopped fresh registration due to overcharge. Check my review of Best Cryptocurrecny Exchanges. I think Kucoin will be one of the top crypto exchange very soon, so it would be better to register on Kucoin today otherwise get frustrated if registration stops.

Bittrex and Poloneix were my dearest exchanges but no fresh coins got listed on them frequently so I shifted to Binance exchange, Join Binance with our Referral Id here . So far very glad with Binance due to slick interface and lower trading fees.The cool thing about Kucoin is that they keep adding fresh good altcoins frequently. You will find a slew of fresh gems at Kucoin, buy them at Kucoin for mess cheap price before they topper on thicker exchanges like Binance,Bittrex.

Kucoin Invitation Verbinding :

Kucoin Referral Code, Invitation Code : E3mGdM

Why to Join Kucoin?

1. Fresh Altcoins : If you want to invest ter fresh altcoins with possibility of 10x build up ter future when they get listed on fatter exchanges.

Two. Lower Trading Fees : If you use KCS to pay for trading fees then you will get 50% discount, similar to what wij see ter Binance with BNB.

Three. Rapid Support : Heard many times that Kucoin has a quick customer support. Can’t confirm this spil never needed to voeling support.

Four. Referral Program : If you invite anyone to Kucoin you will earn passive income with referral bonuses.

Five. Multi Level Referral Program : Not only you will earn trading fees cut for meteen referral but if your referred users refers other to Kucoin then you will earn commissions from those joining too. Its much like wij see ter multi level marketing, see picture below for more clarification.

6. Limited Chance : Kucoin exchange purpose is to become top Ten crypto trading toneelpodium by June 2018. I think that will toebijten sooner, so its better to join Kucoin today spil fresh registrations are still open. I don’t want you to get frustrated overheen signup spil wij are eyeing now on Binance and Bittrex.

7. Mobile App : Like Binance, Kucoin does have a mobile app which wasgoed launched on November 2018. So trade on the go.

8. Toegevoegd Benefits : Like Binance if you hold NEO then you will get free GAS each month which is missing te other big exchanges like Bittrex, Binance

How to Register at Kucoin Exchange

Two. Click on Signup (top right) and inject required details.

If asked inject our Kucoin Referral Code : E3mGdM

Trio. Confirm your email.

Four. Deposit any tradable coin to commence trading at Kucoin.

How to Get Kucoin Referral Verbinding ?

1. Login to Kucoin and from spijskaart choose Explore &gt,&gt, Invitation Verzekeringspremie.

Two. Copy the listig and share it on social media, your network.

Three. Tell your referral to use KCS for trading fees so that they will get 50% discount on trading fees. It’s a win-win situation for both spil your referred users will get discount on trading and you will earn commission every time your referral makes a trade.

Four. Encourage your referred user to refer others so that you can be benefited by multi level invitation program by Kucoin.

Kucoin Referral Program : Terms and Conditions

  • At time of writing this postbode Kucoin referral commission is set at 20% but no ensure it will remain same te future.
  • Referral bounty added to account instantly merienda trade is made by referred user.
  • You can refer spil many people spil you want, their is no limit on number of referral.
  • For a success referral your referee vereiste register on Kucoin using your referral listig,referral code, QR code.
  • Invitation program can end any time.
  • There is no limit on total referral verzekeringspremie you can earn.

Hope you liked our article about Kucoin Invite and Earn Promotion. For discussion use the comment opbergruimte below and do share this article within your network.


  • “Thanks for contacting Cryptopia.

  • I trade on Cryptopia. Support truly answers for a long time. But anyway all questions are always solved. One day my account wasgoed hacked and slow support saved mij from stealing my cryptocurrency.

  • Wij have a support team te Fresh Zealand at our head office and wij have another support team ter the UK so that wij can meester our request 24 7 to make sure there are no delays.

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