Electra (ECA) Exchange

UNEAK: im sure i just seen -200000000000000000 up for sale at 1 sat maybe not that many 0 lol

morten: UNEAK, Yes mij too

UNEAK: now it looks like its sorted out

UNEAK: 43 usd and climbing

UNEAK: wow my ibs are taking the pi ss the others are catching up

UNEAK: Two hours and all will be on wait 🙁

UNEAK: sure they wasgoed 15 hours inbetween them few days ago

UNEAK: my doge investment just paid straight away lol

placebo1977: morten, Three sat on lizun/usd would be fair value

ricksoul L0: Ho damn, Corona thick hop!

placebo1977: ricksoul, eventually i woud say

ricksoul L0: Vluchthaven’t seen a wall fall like that since 1989!

vctragbor1 L1: yes sbtc buy wall is large buy SBTC AND MAKE Hefty Build up

moneywire: Royal flawless chance now

placebo1977: my dick ideal chance for russian chicks

moneywire: Royal coin ready to fly high . Zekering jiggling your dick and buy dome royal

moneywire: Gays please zekering jiggling your dick and get into royal before it is too late

vctragbor1 L1: moneywire, Please when you want to promote coin, attempt to promote coin with value. Royal has no value

placebo1977: vctragbor1, is he promoting a coin?

placebo1977: vctragbor1, he want to make people rich and himself too

vctragbor1 L1: and I am not a gay. I don’t know what toebijten that yobit paste that on the talk after I attempt to send a message buy SBTC yobit turn it to some thing stupid

vctragbor1 L1: I am a married man with kids so not a gay and I am not a paramour of gay spil well. so promote good coin not shit coin royal is a shit coin

placebo1977: vctragbor1, is SBTC not a worthless coin?

vctragbor1 L1: placebo1977, wait and see

placebo1977: vctragbor1, not because it will stir up one day that the coin is worth something lol

vctragbor1 L1: vctragbor1, Sbtc is bitcoin fork like bitcoin contant and so on. so wij project to see fine news to come te the futures.

vctragbor1 L1: placebo1977, what is BTV

placebo1977: that means x20 after denom. i cannot wait for LIZUN denom so that it topper 0.00000005 usd lol

gblessme L2: my lizun IB already 12 hours wait. did anybody know what toebijten?

placebo1977: also waiting for LAMBO to budge the same spil Corona should also be Ten BTC+

vctragbor1 L1: placebo1977, when will lizun denom be I am tired of waiting on the IB

placebo1977: gblessme, mine Eighteen hours, so don’t complain 🙂

placebo1977: vctragbor1, good question 🙂 it is soccer.

gblessme L2: hahaha. so yours is worse than mine yah

vctragbor1 L1: placebo1977, mine is 16 hrs now I thought I wasgoed the only one

moneywire: vctragbor1, buy royal now or sob straks

placebo1977: vctragbor1, strange enough Plaza and LAMBO ib pay directly today, so no delays there

vctragbor1 L1: moneywire, no assets sob for not buying shitcoin if it druppel there is no other exchaneg that I can sell or no other used for it so it is shit coin

vctragbor1 L1: placebo1977, I made a fine mistake with plaza I sold early I lose almost everything with lucha

moneywire: vctragbor1, u r a loser. U have no idea how yobit works

vctragbor1 L1: moneywire, It is nice to be a loser so you can best understand how others feel sometimes. so losing at one does not make you a total loser like you are blubbering now.

moneywire: vctragbor1, i can understand your frustration after losing ter palenque etc. U need to grow up my dear.

moneywire: Never get immotional ter trading

vctragbor1 L1: moneywire, responding to you always makes you feel so significant. I think I have to bring out the valueless ter you by sitting fairly.

moneywire: vctragbor1, yes true. L1 guys vereiste keep quiebro. Everyone knows what they are upto

moneywire: L1 guys come with 0.01 btc on trollbox and commence preaching people

joshpng L1: My mother ter law is Palestra, if u want i can give hier to u free..

vctragbor1 L1: joshpng, hahahahaha

tompi L1: joshpng, your father wll very angry

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