Ignition Coin Frequently Asked Questions

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Ignition Coin is a decentralized, peer-to-peer, digital asset. This means that it is not physical, but like physical objects, it is scarce, and cannot be copied. By distributing the “blockchain”, more accurately, a ledger, across hundreds, thousands, or millions of machines, updating each other and keeping the chain gegevens secure, while verifying each transaction using miners, stakers, and master vlecht algorithms.


How much Ignition Coin, known spil $IC on the markets, is determined by supply and request. Spil more people participate te the network, request grows, which can increase the value of a coin. Ignition Coin has low inflation and a limited supply, designed to prevent inflationary effects, which could help maintain value.


Ignition Coins are available on several exchanges. Presently, our highest volume exchange is Crypto-Bridge, a relatively fresh, decentralized exchange. You can buy Ignition coin there with Bitcoin, Litecoin, ALQO, BCO, and BCH.

Wij are also available for trading Bitcoin for Ignition Coin on the following exchanges:

Wij most recently listed on Cryptopia, where you can trade Bitcoin for Ignition Coin.


Installing Ignition coin is spil effortless spil downloading the wallet from our GitHub which is available for:

You can also compile the code from source if you like. Guides are available inwards on our GitHub/ignitioncoin/doc directory.

HOW DOES Werkonderbreking & MASTER Knuppel WORK?

Minting fresh Ignition Coins is done ter three ways. Two are considered “Proof of Stake”, meaning they are done from within the network and utilize coin holding spil a similar collateral to mining hardware.

Proof of Stake: Werkstaking requires a total vlecht, and it voorwaarde be online 24/7. The coins you hold determine what % of blocks you will receive prizes of. Simply send coins to your utter wallet (available on Github), and keep your wallet running. This incentivization helps ensure a large supply of peers and mal for distributing the verified chain that miners provide.

Master Knuppel: Minting from Master Wrong ownership requires a collateral of 3000IC. The blockchain will treat determining the payout of master ploertendoder evenly from the pool of master vlecht prizes, and te turn, master knuppel provide private/anonymous and instant transactions for toegevoegd fees.



Our hybrid system ensures that people can earn IC te diverse ways, while making it more secure against a 51% attack


Ignition combines the best from many different blockchain technologies, while throwing out the surplus.

Next gen blockchain with proof of stake, proof of work and masternodes.


  • For a elementary thing like this, which wasnt my fault!!. I used the webstek for few days, logged ter numerous times, throws mij out one day like this,

  • I trade on Cryptopia. Support truly answers for a long time. But anyway all questions are always solved. One day my account wasgoed hacked and slow support saved mij from stealing my cryptocurrency.

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