RaiBlocks XRB to BTC The very very first exchange that support this cryptocurrency

My discovery of the exchange

I vluchthaven’t done any Mrai for the last two weeks since I am so busy with my blog. Indeed, for mij to stay ter vooraanzicht my laptop resolving captcha take so much time, I choose doing it when I have free time, zonderling commodity thesis days. At least I managed to accumulate overheen 600 Mrai on my Raiblocks wallet. I discovered a trading exchange that accepts the conversion from Raiblocks (XRB) to any cryptocurrencies of your choice.

On the Raiblocks webstek, you can see the Cryptopia Trading Exchange where you can sell your Mrai. Also, you can see two more ter the process of acceptation, should be available spil well ter the near future.

Process of the operation

The very very first step for you to be able to send your Mrai to Cryptopia: you need to create an account on the toneelpodium, I created my account te less than five minutes. Merienda ter your Raiblocks wallet, you need to send your Mrai to the public key provided under your profile te Cryptopia, then click on the send button.

Ter my case, I sent 573 Mrai to Cryptopia. You can see under the unconfirmed address the Mrai I sent, but before I can do something I need to wait patiently to see it under available. I waited less than Ten minutes before it switched to available, I think it is a reasonable waiting time to receive a confirmation from the trading exchange.

Now it is time to sell on the free market and open a sell order. I opened an sell order of 573 XRB at the current market price. I set the sell order at 699 BTC for each Mrai, and now I need to wait for my order to be executed. The server has implemented a toverfee on each transaction of 0.20%, it cost mij around 800 Satoshi.

Spil you can see below, I have made the sale and received my money te Bitcoin. I have sold overheen 600 Mrai te two transactions and now I got my account credited with overheen 470,584 Satoshi.

The last step is to transfer this money to my Bitcoin wallet, let’s see how much time it is going to take?

I transferred the money into my private Bitcoin wallet and received the money almost instantly. The trading exchange charge a plane rate of 40,000 Satoshi to process the withdrawal. You vereiste consider transferring enough Bitcoin or Altcoins to justify to pay this toverfee.


The process is not too hard and the user interface on the webstek is very user-friendly, it is effortless to find where to make the operations. One thing I don’t like about this exchange, it takes to much time to stream a pagina and it gets on my nerves. I will not complain, it is the only exchange for our Mrai, before the only way to trade them wasgoed on a thread of the BitcoitalkTalk forum.

Fine chance to sell your Mrai and I expect more trading exchange will soon accept it spil well. I wasgoed blessed to get 420,000 Satoshi ter my wallet, and learning how to make this operation for this article. Don’t hesitate my dear followers to ask questions on the comment section below.

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