Sumokoin (Sumo) – more interesting than it seems

Our Sumokoin Pool (SUMO)

Sumokoin (SUMO) is one of the interesting and stable crypto currency for mining and investment, overheen which developers work every day. There is an opinion that the creators of Monero and Sumokoin are the same people. Since the commission to developers is deducted at the same addresses spil xmr. If this is so, and the connection inbetween the creators xmr and sumo is confirmed, then wij can expect that the coin has a good future.

The coin recently moved to a fresh algorithm – Criptonight-Heavy. This wasgoed done te the fight against asic-devices, developed under the classic Cryptonight. Algorithm very economically consumes violet wand because of what movie cards are heated much less than on other algorithms. This is very significant, especially ter the summer.

The most significant plus of this coin is that due to the switch ter the algorithm, it disappeared from the issuance of the popular service for assessing the profitability of mining – Whattomine. Te fact, it turns out that Sumokoin goes even more profitable than Ether! But so far few know about this. Wij use the ogenblik ??

Exchange Sumokoin

There are Three exchanges where you can exchange Sumo for other crypto-currencies:

The largest volumes of trades are registered on the stock exchange Cryptopia. The coin reached its peak at the end of December 2018, then $ 11 wasgoed suggested for one Sumokoin. I want to believe that she will repeat such growth ter the near future.

Coin storage Sumo

On the official webstek of the coin there are distributions of nave wallets for various OS. Installed very lightly, total synchronization takes about 6 hours. You can download the purses at:

By the summer of this year, developers promise to make a web-purse, spil well spil wallets for smartphones on Android and iOS.

There is also a purse generator that creates a Wallet for you. just generates an address. But nothing more. You can not open and make transactions using this service. To do this, you will need to invoer it to a motivo purse. Address of address generation service Sumokoin –

Mining and technical features

Ter the network (at the time of this writing), circulates 11,715,950 SUMO. For 20 years, the total kwestie will be 88 888 888 SUMO, this indicates that you can expect a good price because of the puny number of coins. Block generation time: 240 seconds (Four minutes).

What is noteworthy, the prize for the block switches every 6 months. It grows! Now it’s 36.Five coins and this amount will grow, up to 100 coins by 2021.

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  • I do not think they are scammers, I personally have never had any problems with them, everything worked and it wasgoed good!

  • I trade on Cryptopia. Support truly answers for a long time. But anyway all questions are always solved. One day my account wasgoed hacked and slow support saved mij from stealing my cryptocurrency.

  • I am the CEO of Cryptopia. I can tell you unequivocally that Cryptopia has never stolen anyone’s money. Wij react to every email and wij have a brand-new very comprehensive support ticketing system that sees every single inbound enquiry, complaint or punt and they’re all dealt with within 24 hours.

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